5 Adorable Dog Adoption Stories - 5 Adorable Dog Adoption Stories

5 Adorable Dog Adoption Stories

5 Adorable Dog Adoption Stories

A dog is a man’s best friend as they love you, unconditionally. Every dog owner has some memorable moments with their friends, which they will cherish for life. It might take some time for people to make friends with a pet as they need their time to get used to the changes. If you are planning to adopt a dog, then be ready to read these five adorable dog adoption stories, which might even make your emotions. 

5 Adorable Dog Adoption Stories
5 Adorable Dog Adoption Stories

 I Love Chew

Chewy is a hound dog, and bringing him home was chaotic. The howl of chewy was so loud that even the city can hear it, and his nose is quite intense too. The owner took chewy on a walk to the neighborhood, and during the ride, he was quite excited. Eventually, he got tired and fell asleep on the couch. Seeing your dog sleep for the first time is a new experience. It takes time for a dog or any pet to get used to changes just like us. So we need to be patient and help them adapt to these changes.

Pip, Pip, Horray

Pippa is of mutt breed, and when the owner takes her home, she gives him some snacks and makes soothing noises while comforting her on the lap. After getting home, the owner plays with her new pet, and after that, she slept peacefully. The owner tries to help the pet to sleep on the bed, but she jumps on the couch and hurls herself on the lap. After that, she went back to the floor and went to sleep. 

May-oh-Maya – Dog Adoption Stories

It is another inspiring Dog Adoption Story that will surely melt your heart. After the owner found her on the pet site, she fell in love with Maya. As she went to see her, Maya’s brother sat on the owner’s lap. May went under the lap and hid, but after trying for some time, she came out. The owner was so impressed that she was ready to decide on the adoption.

Keen on Beans – Dog Adoption Stories

The first time the owner sees him, Beans run towards them and burrow his face in their laps. He starts to run in a circle around them, and after that, they give him a lot of cuddles. Meeting him was pure joy, as Beans was happy to meet their new friends. He was so excited and only brought joy to their life.

5 Adorable Dog Adoption Stories
5 Adorable Dog Adoption Stories

Purrty Kirby

After seeing Kirby’s profile on the internet, the owner feels in love with him. Despite the allergies, the owner decided to adopt him. Instead of buying a dog, the owner decides to adopt a dog that needs help. The foster parent of Kirby drop him at the house, but he was missing them. It takes a couple of weeks for Kirby to adjust to these changes, which shows how loyal he is to his owners.

So these are some of The Dog Adoption Stories that might inspire you to get a dog of your own. If you are also planning to adopt a new dog, then these stories might help you to make up your mind.

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