5 Tips For Effectively Train An English Bulldog


If you have an English bulldog at your home, you might already know affectionate they are. Aside from being affectionate, they are friendly, smart, and brave. Along with these impressive personality traits, bulldogs look good. No matter what type of family you are, a nuclear, or single parent, bulldogs have the capability to adjust into any home. In addition to that, they make any family completed. However, training a bulldog puppy can be a little tiresome as they are somewhat stubborn. Do not need to be upset as I have given 5 impressive tips here to help you out with the same.

5 Tips For Effectively Train An English Bulldog
5 Tips For Effectively Train An English Bulldog

1- Exercise

Just like other teams, your bulldog needs little exercise every day. They can be a little lazy too sometimes. Maybe that’s not what you could call laziness, maybe a simple easygoing personality. However, they still love morning walk regularly and some exercise on an everyday basis. Along with walk and exercise, take care of their diet too.

2-Give Them A Crate

If your house stays busy from morning to night, save some peaceful place for your dog. A comfortable crate will help your dog taking some rest and that would a place of his own. However, this is a crate and not a prison, so consider taking him out sometimes too.

3-Be Strict

Act with your dog just like the way you would act with your children while teaching. Bulldogs tend to be stubborn and smart and you also need to act like a boss. Bulldogs also want to be a leader and you have to control their behavior in the right way so that they obey your order. This will be easier to do when you communicate and play with your dog more. Use a firm voice but don’t be angry and sometimes try to reward your dogs with treats, toys, etc. to keep them happy.

4- Start Training Him As A Puppy

Start training them when they are little; for example when you bring them home. Some dogs experts say that training them the first 20 weeks of their born will help. This is possibly the best time when they learn most of the lessons. Experts advise the owners to start training at that time to get the best result. However, the whole process needs you to be patience and consistency.

5-They Are Cute, But You Need To Be Firm

When your puppy is little, he will nibble on your hand and when he grows it will become annoying. Bulldogs are somewhat aggressive and due to their nature, they are named as ‘bull’. That’s why experts advise the owners to call them by their name during training and when they chew, simply say ‘no’.

5 Tips For Effectively Train An English Bulldog
5 Tips For Effectively Train An English Bulldog

Do all these when they are little puppies, it will allow them to know you more deeply and they will listen to you them. Again, train your bulldog needs consistency and patience. And tactics surely. Tactics you have already learned from this post so the remaining requirements are patience and consistency that I’m sure you will gain over time. However, while training your English bulldog or any pet, never use violence against them.

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