6 Important Things About Corgi Puppies


6 Important Things You’ll Need to Know About Corgi Puppies
First, the name “CORGI” comes from the Welsh language which literally means dwarf dog. ”Cor” means dwarf and “gi” means dog. A breed of a small dog with a fox-like head feature originated in Wales, United Kingdom. Lets explore more about corgi puppies

6 Important Things You’ll Need to Know About Corgi Puppies

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Second, corgi puppies are known as a loyal and royal breed especially in the UK mainly used as a herding and watchdog.  Corgi puppies started to be a royal breed since 1933 when King George VI brought home the first Corgi in the palace, from that day on Princess Elizabeth later Queen Elizabeth II has fallen in love with Corgi puppies. That’s why she had 30 Corgis in total. Corgis are then popular around the world, mostly seen in the work of art such as paintings, statues, and carvings.

6 Important Things You’ll Need to Know About Corgi Puppies

Third, there are two kinds of Corgi puppies. The Pembroke and Cardigan the two breeds are almost similar. The slight difference can be noticed. Pembroke tale is docked, oval paws, companion dog, and the Queen’s choice while the Cardigan tale is shown, round paws and front paws are curved outwards.

6 Important Things You’ll Need to Know About Corgi Puppies

Fourth, when it comes to Corgi’s fur colours between the two kinds or breed does not differ.  The colours for corgis are Red and White, Red Headed Tricolor, Black, Black Headed Tricolor, Fawn and Sable. When it comes to Red and White, the colour black is not evident with the naked eye. Red Headed Tricolor and Black Headed Tricolor are almost the same. Redheaded tricolour, a large amount of black fur gradually blends into the red parts while the Black-headed tricolour, a large amount of black fur with distinctly separated areas of black and red without blending gradually into each other.

6 Important Things You’ll Need to Know About Corgi Puppies

Fifth, since these types of breed, are very energetic and known as a herding dog, you will need to set a time to play with them. It will be your obligation to aid their energy by walking, plenty of play time. Failure to do so, like most of the dogs they tend to be disruptive and noisy when they are spiritless or disinterested. Corgis are known to be a good barker due to their herding instinct and very determined. You should make sure to keep your puppy entertained and invest with toys or you could do a DIY toy for your puppy that could challenge their intellectual capabilities. Being active will prevent overweight, it could help your puppy’s health. Corgis are more likely to be overweight if they do not have regular exercise. But one of the things you need to remember while planning is to set time for this kind of activities and make sure to let your puppy know the exceeding the time is an undesirable behaviour this act will help to prevent your puppy to herd you which is from their herding abilities.

Sixth, last but not the least Corgis fur is well known among the dog community to have the highest shedding. The shedding occurs at least twice a year. Corgis are double coated which means corgis have fluffy fur that tends to shed. Owners of corgi or future owners of corgi could buy de-shedding tools or you could regularly brush their thick fur at least three times per week for ten minutes to keep it under control.  Even though the corgis’ fur might shed, but there is an advantage quality for the corgis’ thick fur.  Corgis Fur is also known to have fast drying fur. When you take your Corgi out for a swim its fur would easily get dry as it enters your car, on your way to your next location the car will not be wet at all.

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