Best Ways For Bathing Your Dog With Love And Care

Best Ways For Bathing Your Dog With Love And Care

The dogs are the wonderful companion pets in almost every region of the world. They are fun-loving animals. They also require love and care like other pets. Most dogs prefer to skip bathing. However, it is necessary to provide a bath to them for good health. It will keep dirt and parasites away from your dog. The dirty dog can have a very unpleasant odor. Moreover, the bacteria on a dirty dog can also harm the owner. In this article, we describe the tips for bathing your dogs.

Best Ways For Bathing Your Dog With Love And Care
Best Ways For Bathing Your Dog With Love And Care

How Often To Bathe Dogs?

Dogs require regular scrub and bathe for a healthy living. It depends on several factors, including the dog’s coat and environment. You must take advice from the vet about the bathing according to your dog’s breed. Moreover, these general guidelines can help you with the task.

  • Most dogs require bathing once a month.
  • The dogs having oil coats require bathing frequently or once in a week.
  • Short-haired dog breeds, including Beagles and Weimaraners, require less bathe.
  • Some breeds need less bathe to preserve their natural oils.
  • Brushing is compulsory for breeds having double coats and thick hairs. It will remove the dead hairs and spread the natural oil evenly. Hence, it will maintain the healthy skin of your pet.

However, you must keep in mind that overbathing of bog can remove natural oil. Therefore, you must always bathe your dog as per the vat consultation.

Where To Make Your Dog Bathe?

The small dogs can easily bathe in the sink or a tub. For a big size dog, you can get a portable shower. Another option is to buy a doggy tub. Some of the stores even rent them. There are also special towels for the dogs. You can occasionally bathe them in the garden.

Best Ways For Bathing Your Dog With Love And Care
Best Ways For Bathing Your Dog With Love And Care

Proper Way For Bathing Of Your Dog

First, gather all the bathing essentials at a place. Then, you need to follow the below instructions for proper bathing.

Brush Your dog before bathe: The matted hair on dog’s skin can hold the water. Therefore, it can harm its skin. You can also take them for a groomer to get rid of matted hair. Moreover, put a cotton ball in the ear of the dog before starting the bathe. It will prevent the irritation in the ear.

Use Lukewarm Water: Do not use too much hot water for bathing your dog. Their skin is different from humans. You can keep the normal water to wash the large breed dogs.

Handle Them With Love And Affection: You can make them believe that you are not torturing them. Handle them gently with love during the bathe.

Use Dog Shampoo: Their skin is different from humans. Therefore, they need specialized shampoo. Massage it all over the body to make some lather. Don’t allow the lather to go into their eyes.

Rinse Well: Rinse well to eliminate all the soap from their skin. The left soap can harm their skin.

Dry Them: Buy a specialized drier for the dogs. It will make them dry without irritating them.

Reward Them: You can give them a reward to enhance their mood.

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