Beyond Fetch: Fun Games To Play With Your Dog

Beyond Fetch: Fun Games To Play With Your Dog

The dogs also require entertainment like humans. They are fun-loving animals and love to play games. Therefore, you can add some of the games in the daily schedule of your dog. It will help them to stay active and happy. However, throwing a ball to fetch by a dog can be boring. Many people don’t know which games to play with them. In this article, we will describe some of the games that you can play with your dog.

Beyond Fetch: Fun Games To Play With Your Dog
Beyond Fetch: Fun Games To Play With Your Dog

Play With Bubbles

Dogs like to play with bubbles. They look the bubbles as they are chasing the small birds. Dogs will get entertained by chasing, snapping, and observing bubbles. However, you must ensure that to use the non-toxic materials to make these bubbles. The toxic ones can get into their eyes and lead to infection.

Play Frisbee: Fun Games

It is a great fun game to play with your pets. It is different from a regular ball fetch. The Frisbee stay extended duration in the air as compared to the ball. Hence, there are more chances to catch it by the dog in mid-air. Start with throwing it at short distances to encourage them.

Play Them With Water

Playing with water is good entertainment for water-friendly dogs. They like to chase the water outdoors. Moreover, you can take them to a local pool. It is a great way to cool them during the summer season. You can bring some toys to fetch them on the beach or pool.

Use A Flirt Pole To Play Fun Games

It is a long pole at the end of which a rope is attached. They can provide an excellent workout for your dog. Moreover, it will fulfill the dog desire about prey in a non- destructive way. You can reward them occasionally to make them follow your commands. It will also inspire them to play more.

Beyond Fetch: Fun Games To Play With Your Dog
Beyond Fetch: Fun Games To Play With Your Dog

Play Find A Treat Game

In this game, you need to hide some eating items like carrots. They find them to eat. It doesn’t matter which spots you are using. They will get entertained every time. The dogs will find it using their nose. You can start by using some places they can reach easily. Hint them if they are not able to find it.

Play Hide And Seek With Dogs: Fun Games

Many dogs like to play Hide and seek with their owners. It will enhance the tracking abilities of your pet in a fun way. To play this game, you need to hide at a spot. Then call their name and ask them to find you. Start with the easy places. Praise them when they find you to encourage them to play.

Instigate A Predatory Chase

Tie an animal looking toy to rope and make them chase it. You can also use the animal scent to make them believe the toys as prey. In this game, even the lazy dogs will play with their best. However, make sure that the scent and toy must not harm your pet in any way.

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