Bulldog Puppies: The Loving Soldiers


Every person has a vague image in their minds if you ask them to describe a bulldog. They may think of a bulky, muscular, squatting hulk of a dog sporting a wrinkled face like a crumpled piece of paper and the temperament of the wolverine. Well, in reality, there are a couple of bulldog breeds, and probably the one you have in mind is either the American or the English bulldog. In reality, these dogs are very gentle, and more and more people choose them because of this trait. There are a lot of great things about these beautiful companions, and pretty sure you’ll going to love them.

Once A Fierce Fighter – Bull Baiting History

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Bulldog Puppies: The Loving Soldiers
Bulldog Puppies: The Loving Soldiers

These different breeds of bulldog have their own unique history, looks, and attitude or temperament. Still, they all came down to one particular ancestor with one specific job: bull-baiting, hence they got that name “bulldog”, and I tell you, they are pretty good at it.

Bull baiting is a popular medieval sport in Europe, where dogs are trained. Particularly bulldogs, harass and attack tethered bulls, eventually pinning them into the ground. Bulldogs are very effective for this kind of job for they are specifically bred to have bulky bodies, hefty heads, and powerful jaws, not to mention a built-in steadfast and indomitable personality.

The Present Angels – What are They Now

Bulldog Puppies: The Loving Soldiers
Bulldog Puppies: The Loving Soldiers

Long gone are the days of bull-baiting for these bully companions. Nowadays, those fearless doggies are more well-known to be affectionate, docile, gentle. They always seek attention and are very protective, especially to children. Most of the time they are used as companion dogs or therapy dogs due to their temperament. They are suitable for kids and old people alike, for they are very gentle and protective, and not as active as other dogs.

Attracted to My Buddy – Knowing What Type is Best For You

Bulldog Puppies: The Loving Soldiers
Bulldog Puppies: The Loving Soldiers

English bulldogs – Also known as British bulldogs, this breed is a medium-sized dog with large shoulders, low slung body, extremely short face, an overshot bite, and a fine, short coat. These lovely companions have a passive, gentle, and bold, yet never aggressive kind of temperament. They are perfect for people who like to have a docile and mellow dog.

Bulldog Puppies: The Loving Soldiers
Bulldog Puppies: The Loving Soldiers

American Bulldog – This kind breed is well-known to be an active and hard-working dog, with its physique more akin to its bull-baiting ancestors. These dogs are slightly bigger than their British cousins with a sleeker body, less prominent undershot bite, and a longer face than the British. American bulldogs are gentle to their owners, affectionate, and courageous. They sometimes seem vicious, especially for strangers. But deep inside, they are shy and docile. These dogs are ideal for people who live an active lifestyle and who are looking for a great guard dog.

It is best to check first your lifestyle in order to get the best bulldog pup. In that way, you can avoid putting your dog in stressful situations it may become destructive if it does not suit its surroundings.

Love is All They Need – Caring for them

Bulldog Puppies: The Loving Soldiers

Bringing a new bulldog puppy into one’s home is one of the best things that can happen to them. Of course, you might be thinking about what things you need to do to properly take care if it, right?

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your new puppy has somewhere to sleep and to rest, and it is advisable to have its own bed or a makeshift bed that is soft and comfortable for the pup. Keep in mind that you need to put the bed in a quiet place in your house so that the pup can peacefully take his nap whenever it feels tired.

A water and food bowl is needed, especially the ones who are a bit shallow (Bulldogs have short muzzles, remember?). Have food and water on it every time. Consider buying a chew toy too, since pups are known to chew on pretty much anything.  (And you don’t want them to chew on to your sofa or rugs in your house).

Remember to complete all it’s vaccination before you take it outside for a walk. It is also important to have either a collar or a harness strapped on your pet at all times while going out. It is also important to train them to behave at an early age, especially in using the potty spot and urinating outside the house.


Like all things in life, having a bulldog puppy involves a lot of responsibility and affection. It may seem hard at first, but all your hardships are negligible compared to the joy it brings to your life.

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