Destructive Behavior: Dealing with Puppy’s Actions


All kids, in any form or another, have the tendency to play around and explore their surroundings. Curiously checking on everything around them or sometimes playing with them with disregard of safety. Which may lead to destroying things unconsciously.  That is also true when it comes to puppies. Some people may have bad experiences about their pup’s destructive behavior. Like going back home from work and finding out that there are tissue paper rolls around the house. Or one of their shoes is missing and if found, it is already too late, for it is already shredded to bits.

This kind of situation needs to stop, and you need an immediate practical solution for this. You don’t want another furniture or a shoe to be your pup’s next victim, right?

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Acts of Destruction

Destructive Behavior: Dealing with Puppy’s Actions
Destructive Behavior: Dealing with Puppy’s Actions

There are a lot of ways that a puppy can destroy anything inside your house. Like digging holes in the yard, chewing on small things that you left unattended or you forgot to clean up. Nibbling on edges of doors or furniture legs, destroying houseplants or sometimes eating them. Gnawing on their owner’s items like shoes, bags, and clothes, and even obliterating your pillows (if you have one lying around unattended).

In short, your puppy’s destructive behavior will gradually destroy your house. Just imagine how much damage it can inflict to your house when it grows older.

Reasons Why They Keep on Destroying Things

Destructive Behavior: Dealing with Puppy’s Actions
Destructive Behavior: Dealing with Puppy’s Actions

A bunch of reasons may cause your puppy’s destructive behavior. It may be either intentional or unconsciously.

  • Separation Anxiety – The most common cause of doggy bad habit. Dogs have a tendency to be very attached to their owners. And this is noticeable in their attitude every time you are about to leave your house. Smothering you with kisses, together with a very excited attitude when you get back home. This is mostly caused by unexpected changes in your schedule. Like having a lesser time to play with your dog, or frequently leaving them alone without any human interaction for long periods of time. It is not advisable to punish your pup or dog whenever they show destructive behaviors due to anxiety, for it will only make matters worse.

  • Teething – Prevalent to puppies, their gums become very painful due to rapid teeth growth. And chewing is their only way of easing the pain. This destructive behavior usually stops when they get older and when teeth start to appear.
Destructive Behavior: Dealing with Puppy’s Actions
Destructive Behavior: Dealing with Puppy’s Actions
  • Inquisitive Behavior – It is common to dogs, especially for pups, to use their mouths and noses when it comes to investigating the things that caught their fancy. Sometimes they tend to carry those things around or bring it to their master. Which damages the thing in question in the process.

  • Predatory Instincts – Dogs and pups have a tendency to unintentionally damage anything in their path when chasing other animals, like cats, mice, squirrels or raccoon. This may sometimes result in upturned chairs, broken vases or scratches along the walls or floor.

  • Behavior during Playtime – This is very common, especially in young dogs, where their excessive playing may result in destruction. They may enjoy playtime so much and they can unintentionally knock down vases, chairs, and other things in the process.

Preventing them to Destroy

Destructive Behavior: Dealing with Puppy’s Actions
Destructive Behavior: Dealing with Puppy’s Actions

The most effective way of eliminating your dog’s destructive behavior is of course interacting with him. Most destruction is caused by either anxiety or boredom, and there are ways that you can do to remedy it.

  • Exercise your Canine Partner – Destroying things is a bad habit of dogs whenever they are bored or want to burn off energy. Common exercise methods are frequently walking him around, especially around the neighborhood or to the nearest park. In this way, your dog can have a chance of seeing something new while getting himself physically fit. It also gives him a chance to socialize with other dogs and people. Playing fetch is also great form of exercise if you don’t have time to walk your dog.

  • Spend Time with Him – The easiest and best way so far is to simply be there for your dog. Your dog will truly appreciate your company and at the same time, it will give you a chance to train your dog to do basic commands like sitting and standing up. It is also important to talk to your dog, for it may sound nuts, but it totally works, for dogs can mutually understand our feelings, making their feelings in tune with ours.
  • Doggy Day Care or Have a Dog Walker – Hiring a dog walker if you don’t have the time to walk your pooch regularly is also a great way of him having his regular dose of exercise. What’s more, he can socialize with other people and dogs too. Having your dog stay at a doggy day care will eliminate his separation anxiety and boredom, while you are away doing your job or school.
Destructive Behavior: Dealing with Puppy’s Actions
Destructive Behavior: Dealing with Puppy’s Actions


Overall, patience and dedication are the keys to disciplining your dog and to stop him from his destructive behavior. This may be a frustrating thing to deal at first. (Especially if you haven’t moved on yet from that destroyed Luis Vuitton bag he just obliterated earlier). But always think that like toddlers, there will be a time that they will go through to this phase. And it is important for us to be understanding and to approach this with love, instead of punishing them.

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