Dog-Friendly Restaurants & Cafes In Airlie Beach


Since I have been living at Airlie Beach for a very long time, I am quite aware of the dog-friendly restaurants near my location. Just for your information or for the information of people looking to visit Airlie Beach anytime soon, I would like to bring down the names of some good restaurants in the area allowing dogs.

But before that, let me tell you a bit about what you can expect from your dining. Expect to have a dining experience of a lifetime with your four-legged companion. Majority of the cafes and restaurants here have laid back environments. A few of them I recommend include:

Dog-Friendly Restaurants & Cafes In Airlie Beach
Dog-Friendly Restaurants & Cafes In Airlie Beach

Dog-Friendly Restaurants Near My Location: Walter’s Lounge

Walter’s Lounge is just five minutes from Airlie Beach Main Street. The restaurant overlooks the splendid marina located at Port of Airlie. The restaurant’s theme is about experiencing shared dining. You can enjoy some tasty cocktails at this place while having a good meal as well. The restaurant welcomes dogs and has a friendly staff to attend to them. The name of this restaurant comes from a giant German Shepherd named Walter.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants: Fat Frog Beach Café

Even this café is around five minutes away from Airlie Beach, and it overlooks the Cannonvale Beach specially meant for dogs. If you are in the lookout of an excellent spot for having breakfast, this would be the ultimate for you. The café offers good lunch and breakfast menus along with hot drinks and smoothies. There is even a small section on the menu devoted to dogs and the foods they like.

George’s Diner

This 50’s style eat-out offers an exclusive and classic menu. Here, you can find great coffee, spiders, sundaes, shakes, and burgers. When I say Spiders, I do not mean the eight-legged monsters! The staff at this restaurant is good at serving everything you want for yourself and your little canine friend. One of the best things about this place is it welcomes dogs in a friendly manner and allows them to join their masters in the balcony.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants & Cafes In Airlie Beach
Dog-Friendly Restaurants & Cafes In Airlie Beach

Fair Dinkum Fish And Chips

It is a food truck moving around Airlie Beach right from morning to evening. The car does not operate on Mondays and Thursdays and remains open till 4 pm. It will serve you the best of chips and fish in Airlie Beach and even in Whitsundays. Since you are getting food delivered in a food truck, it does not mean Fair Dinkum does not serve regular meals. It does. The truck-style restaurant serves sim sims, dagwood dogs, pineapple fritters and potato scallops apart from chips and fish. It has also got several drinks on display. You can check out the Facebook site of this food truck to get its exact location.

So, there you are. I have given you a complete summary of some of the best dog-friendly restaurants near my place. Now, it is upon you to make the right choice. Whichever restaurant you are choosing, make sure you get your dog well-groomed for the venue.

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