Dog Lovers: A Love to Give From A Parent


As we all know, all dogs have distinctive characteristics, personalities, and jobs, this goes as well with their owners. Every owner is also unique, but they all have one thing in common, and that is the welfare of their precious pets. Every owner knows that in order for their stalwart companions to be effective at their jobs, like guarding the property, working on the farm, or being a good companion. They need to make sure that all the things their pet’s essential requirements are met, like affection, attention, care, shelter, and food.

Not all people like dogs, some people just don’t feel comfortable or just simply fear them.  Because of their tendency to bite when aggravated. Mostly, it only takes a pup and a five-minute interaction with it to turn a full 180, from fearing them to loving them. We all agree, that no other pet can compete against a dog when it comes to showing affection and taking care of their family.

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Dog Lovers and Dog Parents

Dog Lovers: A Love to Give From A Parent
Dog Lovers: A Love to Give From A Parent

There is a fine line between being a dog lover and a dog parent, and both of them, of course, love dogs. It’s pretty much the same as a car lover and a car enthusiast. A car lover may know all the cars available in the market, while a car enthusiast can give you advice on how to pick a great car based on their experience. It is just that dog lovers treat all dogs equally, and of course, their love for these canine companions is no question. But dog parents know and loves their pets at a much deeper level.

Dog lovers love all the good things about dogs, and pretty much all the breed in the dog spectrum. While a dog parent has the first-hand experience in raising one. Knows the ups and downs on how to raise a pup, and is pretty much any information needed in order to have a healthy, happy pooch.  

There is nothing bad about both parties, it is just the way they treat dogs are different. And I mean in a good way. At the end of the day, all they wish for is that for all dogs to have the best things in life, like proper care and affection from their human partners.

How Deep is Your Love to Your Buddy?

Dog Lovers: A Love to Give From A Parent
Dog Lovers: A Love to Give From A Parent

Since we evolved together with dogs, we have that primal attraction towards them. Making us feel more friendly towards pretty much any dog we see (except for the ones who shows aggression towards us). For thousands of years of living together with us, these four-legged companions evolved to better communicate and, thus giving us that impression that they are no different than people. We have learned not to just love them as pets, but also as a companion, just like how we treat other human friends or family we have.

Of course, if we ask all people how much they love their pets, we can have a mixed result. Some people will say that they love their pets just like any other pets they have. Others will tell you that they love their canine companions just like how they treat their family members.

Similar Personalities You Both Have

Dog Lovers: A Love to Give From A Parent
Dog Lovers: A Love to Give From A Parent

Sometimes, if we raised our dogs since pups and always interact with them, either by playing with them, feeding them, and grooming them. We might be surprised that they may get the same personalities as ours. Dog personalities are not just driven by their breed-specific characteristic and traits but also influenced by their owners and their upbringing.

It is also important to do research first before picking your very first canine buddy. Knowing their personalities and traits and matching it to yours will make your life less troublesome. Are you are an active, busy person who wants to have a great guard dog? A laid-back person who just likes to laze around and wants to cuddle with your canine companion? Or a farmer who wants an active, attentive dog who is good with herding livestock? Well, there is always a dog that will suit your personality and all your needs.

Dog Lovers: A Love to Give From A Parent
Dog Lovers: A Love to Give From A Parent


It makes no difference if you are a dog lover, dog parent, or a dog enthusiast. What’s important is that we all know that we love dogs, and only wishes the best for them. What makes us love them is their loyalty, affection towards us, and the way that they read our emotions. Among all other good things that they bring into our lives. They truly suit the title “man’s best friend”.

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