Dogs For Adoption: Sharing Love To Those In Need

If you have that urge in bringing home a dog, you have to consider a lot of factors and choose between options. Buying a dog from a pet shop is a common practice for those who want to get dogs, but consider the fact that you can also acquire a dog through adoption. To adopt a dog is like renewing its life, identity, and home.

Adopting a dog saves it from the harsh reality of life. Most dogs from pounds have previous owners or families, but there are times when these people can no longer take care of these dogs and have to put them in the pound or leave them alone.

Here are things on why and how to adopt a dog:

Dogs For Adoption: Sharing Love To Those In Need
Dogs For Adoption: Sharing Love To Those In Need

What Should I Do Before Adopting?

Preparing yourself to love a dog is the first thing to do before adopting. Knowing yourself and your capability to take care of a dog is necessary. Know if you are willing to do certain things for the well-being of the dog you will adopt.

Choose a dog that is suitable for your personality and lifestyle. Know its breed, health issues, temperaments and behavioral patterns. Select the perfect dog for you, there are a lot of choices and dogs that need help. Before taking in your chosen dog, prepare your home, gather supplies and give comfortable space for your dog.

Can I Adopt For Free?

Today, there are a lot of dogs that need help and care. There are also lots of establishments, organizations, firms, and help from the government. That supports helping and keeping away stray dogs from the street

Here is a list where you can adopt dogs for free:

  • Pounds – There are a lot of dog pounds whether private and government facilities where you can select and adopt stray dogs for free.
  • Animal Shelter – Organizations, groups and firms that support animal life offer adopting dogs and other pets.
  • Pet shops – Some pet shop owners are naturally pet-loving and help stray dogs in the street, some pet shops have dogs that they let you take care for free.
  • Breeders – Just like pet shop owners some breeders have taken in stray dogs or pets that they may give to take care for free.
Dogs For Adoption: Sharing Love To Those In Need
Dogs For Adoption: Sharing Love To Those In Need

What Is The Best Age for Adopting?

In choosing a dog one should consider its age and what it means to their health, well-being and behavior.

There are five age groups that are generally used for adopting dogs:

  • Baby or newborn puppies – 6- 14 weeks (young and no personality yet)
  • Puppies –  15 weeks – 6 months (young, trainable, no behavioral issues)
  • Young adolescent – 6 months – 2 years (developing, energy and training needed)
  • Adult – 2 – 4 years (has a personality and not so energetic)
  • Senior or Mature – 5 – 10+ years (mature, need to take care of health, loving and kind)

Which is better, Adopt or Buy?

While some may argue whether to buy or adopt a dog, keep in mind that there are lots of choices and varieties of dogs that you can choose and love. There are also dogs that really need to be taken care and given love. These dogs are in pounds, animal shelters and some even just strays.

One should consider the fact of adopting a dog, taking in a dog from a pound or animal shelter means renewal of that dog’s life. It is like giving it a new beginning. Dogs that are adopted tend to be very loving and loyal to their new family.

What Should I Do After Adopting?

Dogs For Adoption: Sharing Love To Those In Need

Choosing to adopt a dog is like taking on a new member to the family. Keep your dog safe, well fed, fit and healthy. Responsibly do things that your dog needs, make sure that you give your dog enough love and attention. Give your dog time to adjust to its new home and environment. Make your dog comfortable with you, give it training, so they know proper obedience and manners. Discipline your dog to be calm and collected. Give your dog a chance to socialize with people and other dogs as well.


To buy or adopt a dog, both acts are commendable. But choosing to adopt a dog is simply better and more advisable. Taking in an adopted dog from the pound and animal shelter is for free and there are lots of dogs to choose from. These dogs long for a family or owner that will love them. Taking care of an adopted dog is really easy for these dogs want to be taken care of. Dogs from pounds crave to be loved and one should be the catalyst of this love by taking them in.

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