Golden Retriever’s Pregnant: How Long -

Golden Retriever’s Pregnant: How Long

Golden Retriever’s Pregnant: How Long

You might have never worried about how long your Golden Retriever‘s pregnant until you have got one home. Animal rescue centers and shelters are the ones who have a basic idea of the pregnancy period of Golden Retrievers. However, if you start breeding one at home, then you will also have to work on understanding the pregnancy time frame of these dogs.

Golden Retriever’s Pregnant: How Long
Golden Retriever’s Pregnant: How Long

Getting The Right Answer To Golden Retriever’s Pregnant

A simple answer to this question would be 63 days. You can add or subtract a few days from this time, but 63 days would be an approximate idea. The stomach of a Golden Retriever will start pooching in less than two weeks of pregnancy. If you happen to place your hand on their belly at two weeks, you can even feel the little pups moving.

For the ones who are planning for a Golden Retriever litter, it is necessary to ensure that they have the right setup in place. They should plan everything. If possible, order extra supplies and set up the puppy room correctly.

Golden Retriever’s Pregnant: Understand The Signs Of Pregnancy

Some signs that show your Golden Retriever can be pregnant are as follows:

  • Reduced activity
  • Morning sickness
  • The dog is always hungry
  • Requires more affection
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Behavioral changes
  • Bigger nipples

In the early stages of pregnancy, it would be difficult to notice any significant changes in a Golden Retriever or any other dog. It is only towards the end of the second trimester that you will start seeing the signs that your Golden Retriever’s pregnant.

Signs Of Pregnancy After The First Month Include:

  • The dog gains weight. You can get a good quality pet scale for getting accurate weight measurements.
  • You will find your Golden retriever peeing frequently.
  • The belly starts pooching, and this confirms pregnancy.
  • Your Golden Retriever will start eating less at the end of the first month of pregnancy.

Dog owners should keep in mind that every dog is different. Therefore the signs of pregnancy in different dogs will not be the same.

Golden Retriever’s Pregnant: How Long
Golden Retriever’s Pregnant: How Long

Before The Last Few Days Of Delivery

Some signs you will notice just before a few days of delivery include:

  • Your Golden retriever will not be hungry anymore.
  • Puppy movements will be visible in the abdomen.
  • You will notice a drop in your dog’s body temperature. You should start checking your dog’s body temperature regularly until its due date arrives. It will give you a short idea of the time when your dog will start labor.
  • Other vital signs include panting, nesting, digging, pacing, antsy, and restless.

Only breeding a Golden Retriever is not enough. You need to have a basic understanding of the bodily modifications of your dog to take good care of the same. One easy way of confirming pregnancy is to weigh them regularly or every week. Blood tests, ultrasounds, and vet check-ups can also be used for confirming pregnancies in Golden Retrievers.

So, follow these tips to find out whether your pet is pregnant or not.

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