Hazards To Look Out For When Having a Dog

Just like people, dogs also are prone to accidents and injuries. As owners, we want our dogs to be safe and free of harm. There are dangers lurking everywhere for our loved dogs. It is of great importance to assure their safety. To avoid these injuries and unfortunate accidents, assessing your dog, its health, and the environment is necessary. Create a safe and clean area for them to maintain their health and fitness. It is best also to know the hazards and dangers that can injure your dog’s safety.

Awareness can save your dog’s life and well-being. As for your dog, proper discipline and training can greatly improve their safety and reduce the risk of accidents and getting injured.

Here are some dangers and hazards that lurk in your homes:

Common Hazards for Dogs

Hazards To Look Out For When Having a Dog
Hazards To Look Out For When Having a Dog

Dogs just like humans are prone to danger, they are curious and unaware of sharp, heavy and blunt things that may injure them. Keep away and store safely tools, knives and electric appliances from their reach. Due to their curiosity and hunger, dogs are prone to eating poisonous food or drinking contaminated water that may affect their stomach and health. Being left alone in the house can also be dangerous, especially if your dog has not been disciplined or have proper obedience training.

Every owner should look out and prepare for the hazards and dangers that may affect their dogs’ health and safety. Creating a safe and clean environment for your dog can reduce the risk of danger.

Food Hazards

Hazards To Look Out For When Having a Dog
Hazards To Look Out For When Having a Dog

As dogs have stomachs just like humans. They are prone to spoil foods and expired ingredients. Eating certain foods may be dangerous to dogs and their health.

Here is a list of foods that are dangerous to our canine companion:

  • Chocolate – are the number one cause of deaths of dogs if ingested or fed certain amounts. Chocolates are stimulants that affect the dog’s heart rate and damage their nervous system.

  • Onions and Garlic – are highly toxic, may cause illness and stomach gut aches.

  • Alcohol – Alcohol is to be highly avoided in dogs are more intoxicated if they drink alcohol. It may cause simple diarrhea or escalate to severe brain issues such as blood clots and depression.

  • Blue cheese or old cheese – Like other dairy products, cheese has high amounts of fat that may cause diarrhea and stomach ache.

  • Bones –  While this may seem surprising for our dogs really love to gnaw on those bones, bones may be hazardous since they may choke, damage their teeth and even develop intestinal problems if ingested.

  • Caffeine products – Stimulants like coffee and chocolate is sensitively higher for dogs. It may cause caffeine poisoning and chocolate intoxication.

Kitchen Hazards

Hazards To Look Out For When Having a Dog
Hazards To Look Out For When Having a Dog

The kitchen is where we place knives, skewers and other sharp objects that may cut your dog.

Here are the objects and kitchen hazards:

  • Empty chip bags – Untrained dogs may eat too much MSG from empty chip bags and poison or upset their stomach

  • Knives and skewers – Unkept knives, skewers, and sharp objects may slice or  cut your dog

  • Kitchen pots – Hot pots and big pots are heavy and may hit untrained dogs and puppies

  • Trash can – Dogs that aren’t trained may feast on unclean trash cans and eat poisonous food waste or hazardous objects.

Backyard Hazards

Hazards To Look Out For When Having a Dog
Hazards To Look Out For When Having a Dog

Dogs left alone at home or in the backyard, especially with pools have several curious tendencies to put themselves in danger

Here are backyard and home hazards:

  • Garden flowers and plants – Dogs have a tendency to eat plants that may intoxicate them.

  • Fence – Curious dogs often get stuck or injured trying to get out of holes on fences and gates.

  • Pesticides – Dangerous chemicals and the likes should be well kept in a container.
  • Pool or body of water – Untrained dogs who aren’t familiar with water may drown in pools.
Hazards To Look Out For When Having a Dog


There are a lot of danger and hazards for our beloved dogs, creating a safe and environment for them is a must for their safety. It is challenging and needs determination, but every owner must prepare to take these challenges to keep their love dogs and puppies safe. Knowing the hazards, possible causes of accidents and injuries may greatly reduce the risk of these unwanted events.

Keeping away every hazardous food, material and objects make our dogs safe from harm. Every owner should look out for unexpected events and prepare in case they happen. Taking care for the safety of our dogs should be a priority. We do not want to lose our beloved companion to ignorance of hazard and danger.

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