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Homemade Dog Toys

Homemade Dog Toys

Everyone wish to have a dog at home, but not everyone can afford it. Dogs are the most trustworthy animal and are a human pet for ages. They are not only friendly but also notorious at the same time. In their leisure time, they like to play with their toys. They are capable enough to rip up a soft toy in less than twenty minutes. Therefore a dog owner may think that the toy funerals are happening now and then. Homemade dog toys are there to heal the pain. Dozens of “do it yourself” ideas are there to take inspiration and make homemade dog toys. These ideas can be pocket-friendly and a dog’s favorite toy.

Homemade Dog Toys
Homemade Dog Toys

Homemade Dog Toys Ideas

  • Ball tug toys- use an old t-shirt, and a tennis ball to make this exciting toy. Cut the t-shirt from three places and then wrap the ball inside. Cut the remaining pieces of the shirt into strips and braid it.
  • Dog feeder toy- use a PVC pipe to make the feeder. This toy will keep the dog busy in taking out the food treats. Drill some holes in the pipe and fill it with dog treats. Now cover both the sides of the pipe and let your dog pull out the treats.
  • T-shirt rope toy- turn the old t-shirt into yarn for this project. Braid this yarn, almost 2 yards long and let the dog enjoy his playtime.
  • Agility jump- use some PVC pipes to make a hurdle of almost 2 feet height. Make your dog jump over it several time to stay fit and enjoy.
  • Denim dog toy to chew- if a dog loves chewing almost everything, then this toy is best for him. Use some old jeans and a pair of scissors to make this toy. Cut the pant legs and make knots of it. The dog will love to chew the finished product.

Some Other Dog Toys Idea

Homemade Dog Toys
Homemade Dog Toys
  • Simple sock toy- this is a simple toy made of an old sock. Insert a water bottle from the open end in the sock and tie the knot. Give it to your dog and let him play.
  • Pull apart dog toy- stuff pre-cut pieces of fabric and dog treats in a hol-ee roller dog toy. Give it to your dog; he will love to destroy the entire thing and pull the treats.
  • Heart stuffed toy- this toy is not appropriate for those dogs that tear apart stuff toys. Cut a piece of fabric and sew it into a heart shape, fill some extra fleece in it and let the dog enjoy this cozy toy.
  • Fake stick toy- use some old newspaper to make this toy. Roll a newspaper sheet into not so long rods. Throw it in the air and let your dog fetch it. This is an entertaining game and engages both the owner and the dog.


These homemade toys are very easy and simple to make. The owners need not go to the market and buy ingredients to make it. All the toys can be easily made at home with leftover things. This is one of the best ways to renew old clothes and newspapers.

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