How Often Should I Walk My Puppy


The saying holds very true that “A dog is a man’s best friend.” Therefore almost every person at some of the other times craves for a puppy. With due course of time, they become our best companion and friend. Also, just like a human baby, a puppy too needs special care. Owning a puppy is a very easy task, but you need to care for them, just like your child. They have their food requirements, sleeping time, playing time, etc. You need to provide them with all the care and affection they deserve. Apart from taking care of their food needs, you’ll also feel that I need to go on a walk with my puppy.

How Often Should I Walk My Puppy
How Often Should I Walk My Puppy
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The primary question that arises in everybody’s mind is “how often should I walk my puppy?” Worry not we have the answer to your worries and questions regarding your puppy walking needs.

When Can I Start To Walk My Puppy

Just after getting a new puppy, many people start wondering, “When can I start to walk my puppy.” It becomes very much tempting to take your new best friend out into the colony. But you must not do anything in haste with your puppy. Since they tend to be quite small, you must provide them some time to adjust. Allow them to get accustomed to the new environment. Furthermore, you also need to complete some vaccination slots as well before taking them out. Furthermore, you must wait for the puppy to take on the walk until it turns about 18 weeks old. 

How Often Should I Walk My Puppy?

After you get your puppy fully vaccinated, you can walk them every day. Moreover, you must also consider their energy level as well. Every breed has a different energy level that includes both their physical and mental health. Therefore as per the breed of your puppy consider your vet and devote the said time for walking. Furthermore, you must also consider the size of your puppy as well.

The maturity level of the puppy also needs to be taken into consideration before you start walking your puppy. For instance, breeds like Great Dane have a less maturity level than the smaller puppies. Therefore, big doggies should not be allowed to take long walks unless they are at least ten months old. 

How Often Should I Walk My Puppy
How Often Should I Walk My Puppy

For How Much Time

In general, you must consider only five minutes to walk your puppy. Moreover, this should continue until they become at least 11 months old. Too long walks will eventually make your puppy tired and lethargic. Furthermore, rather than increasing the time slot at one go consider going slow. For instance, five minutes for the first month ten for the next month. This will also help the puppy to become accustomed to their schedule. Also, at this stage, you should even consider providing potty training to your puppy. 

Do Not Over Exercise Your Puppy

While worrying about how often should I walk my puppy, you must be careful not to over-exercise them. Since your puppy is not grown up at all over-exercising will cause harm to them.

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