How To Make A Hairstyle For Your Cute Puppies

How To Make A Hairstyle For Your Puppy

Puppies are cute and there is no denial in that. It is important for you to give a proper haircut for your puppy before you do anything. The way you groom it is going to tell a lot about you. So if you are someone who is interested in grooming a puppy, then this article is for you. We are going to explain to you a simple hair cut for your cute puppies or puppy.  Make sure to follow the instructions thoroughly.

How To Make A Hairstyle For Your Cute Puppies
How To Make A Hairstyle For Your Cute Puppies

Required Equipment To Make Hairstyle For Your Cute Puppies

  1. Clippers- You can use any kind of clippers but make sure that the clippers are sharp. The clipper blades should be sharp because the dull ones pull the dog’s hair unnecessarily.
  2. Clipper blades- These clipper blades differ depending upon the dog breeds. So make sure to use the clipper blade that matches your dog’s coat.
  3. Sharp Scissors- it is not possible to use clippers all over the dog. Some areas around the paws can be little fiddly so it is advised for you to have a pair of sharp scissors beside you to take care of a dog when required.
  4. Snap-on Guide combs- it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to use the blades so you can go with the snap-on guide combs that will help in making a uniform cut.
  5. Clipper Coolant- A clipper coolant will prevent any burns that clipper can cause to your dog.

Preparing For Cute Puppies Hair Style

Bathe your dog first before you do anything else. Use the animal shampoo only as human one can cause irritation. After bathing, give dog sometimes so that the entire fur is dry. Now comb the hair. Select a good and quiet place to do this.

Before you get started with the hair cut, make sure that your dog is properly cleaned. You should hold the clippers in a way that it gives you a proper grip and also is comfortable in the hand. Check for the places where the hair of the dog is little untidy and start clipping that part with the help of clippers. This way you will know the length of hair that the clipper can remove. If it is too little or too much, then adjust the blades.

How To Make A Hairstyle For Your Puppy
How To Make A Hairstyle For Your Cute Puppies

Start With The Head

Always start the trimming with head. Head is a risky area and it is the first place from where you should start. You can do the trimming in different ways depending upon your dog’s hair length. If the dog has more hair, it is possible for you to style it in so many ways. Shave the sides of the dog’s nose and eyes. Make sure that no hair grows around the eyes or nose of a dog. Then you can cover up the entire body.

The hairstyling of the dog varies from one dog to another. There are so many things that you have to keep in mind while you are styling your dog’s fur. As there are so many options available, you choose the one that looks cute on your dog and tries it out.

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