An Inter-Dog Aggression Explained -

An Inter-Dog Aggression Explained

Inter-Dog Aggression Explained

You have a pet dog in your house, and you love spending time with him. Your friends love him too, and he’s the charm of every party. With his trick, he makes your friend fall in love with him. But, when one of your friends brings her dog to the party, your sweet little dog turns into an evil spirit, barking all the time and always getting into the fight with your friend’s dog. Don’t worry, we have been through the same and trust us when we say it, but you can easily handle this situation if you follow some basic guidelines. Today, our topic of discussion is inter-dog aggression, why it happens, and how to resolve it.

Inter-Dog Aggression Explained
Inter-Dog Aggression Explained

What is Inter-Dog Aggression?

When a dog directs an aggressive and fighting behavior on another dog, it is called inter-dog aggression. One of the most common causes your dog is in an aggressive state is because of the food. On the other hand, it can quickly happen when there’s a change in a household as these changes can make your dog fearful or excited. 

Furthermore, you can easily predict the fight to be understanding your dog’s body language. So keep this in mind. 

What To Do During A Dog Aggression?

Your interference in inter-dog aggression can end up in a worse situation than it already is. Usually, when these fights occur, you need to keep yourself safe first and think about the rest of the things later. Here are some of the steps you need to follow when dog aggression takes place near you. 

First, keep yourself safe. It is the most important thing. Getting in between two hot-headed dogs is not a good idea at all. Find a place where you can safely interact with them or use some other means but don’t get close to any of them. It doesn’t matter if he’s your pet at that moment. He can even bite you, so you need to think with your mind. 

Secondly, to make them calm down, you can take the help of water. You can spread water on them with the help of the house, or you can start making loud noises from your cutlery. 

Things To Keep In Mind

One more thing you can do is throw a blanket on them to make each of them blind for a little while. This can actually help in reducing the intensity of the fight and eventually lead to a separation. 

Once your dogs are calm, you need to check for the injuries and take them to the vet as fast as possible.

Inter-Dog Aggression Explained
Inter-Dog Aggression Explained

The problem with the dog fight is they grab and shake the other dog causing significant injuries inside the flesh, which you can’t see. So after a fight, your priority is to get your dog to checked by a vet and see if he’s suffering from any injuries. 

Lastly, we would like to say a dog-aggression can occur anytime and to prepare yourself, and you need to know your dog’s behavior and body language to prevent any further fights. 

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