Is Miniature Schnauzer A Perfect Pet? -

Is Miniature Schnauzer A Perfect Pet?

Do Miniature Schnauzer Make Good Pets?

Miniature Schnauzer is called a perfect breed of dogs. In fact, they make up for perfect dog pets. The breed possesses a larger than life personality. Moreover, the best aspect of these dogs is that they are enthusiastic. Also, they even want to participate in everything you do. In addition, their temperament is mostly friendly and social.

How Does Miniature Schnauzer Make Good Pets?

Well, are you also tempted to know more about Miniature Schnauzer? So, let us learn more about this terrier and how he will make a perfect pet for you.

Is Miniature Schnauzer A Perfect Pet?
Is Miniature Schnauzer A Perfect Pet?

Miniature Schnauzer Are Easy To Train

This breed of dog is easy to train and is an intelligent dog. When you combine this intelligence with learning abilities and really high energy levels, you surely have a winner. In fact, at different dog competitions, this terrier is known to excel really at obedience level as well as agility. These skills make it really easy to train them.

They Are Super Smart

Miniature Schnauzer is definitely intelligent. Moreover, they learn really fast. Thus, it becomes easier for you to train them to do their own business. You can, in fact, find the breed ringing the dog bell to tell the owner that it wants to go outside. Moreover, you can also make it learn tricks pretty well. In fact, with the breed, the learning phase continues till long.

Is Miniature Schnauzer A Perfect Pet?
Is Miniature Schnauzer A Perfect Pet?

They Like Children

The best aspect of the breed is that they love kids. Parents who are thinking of keeping their first pet are often worried about the bond between kids and their dog. The terrier is definitely going to bond well with the kids. However, if the kids are too young, do not leave them unsupervised with the terrier.

They Are Loving

Miniature Schnauzer is counted among the top ten lists of dogs which are really loving. Moreover, they do not shy away from showing off their affection. You will find it curling on your lap the moment you call its name. Also, you can always find your terrier greeting you when you reach back home. Moreover, it also loves to have your attention.

Miniature Schnauzer Are Protective

If you are seeking a dog which can let you know who is at the door even before they knock, then Miniature Schnauzer is the best option for you. Their barking will always let you know that people are around. Moreover, they consider your house their own house. Though they are quite small, that does not prevents them from being highly protective.

Their Shedding Is Minimal As Compared To Other Breeds

This terrier seems to shed only a few hairs when compared with other breeds of dogs. This implies that you require less time to vacuum your house to keep it clean. However, this does not mean that you do not need to maintain its fur coat. The fur coat requires regular sessions of hand stripping or clipping.


The said breed of dog is often counted among the best pet you can have. Moreover, the breed is perfect for people who have just thought of keeping a dog.

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