Know The Reasons Behind Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety


Your Dog’s separation anxiety can make you upset. However, if you have to move out, it is always not possible to keep your pet with you all the time. Hence, you need to find out ways through which you can manage the situation well. But, handling such a case is not an easy task. To control it, you must know the reasons behind this kind of anxious behavior of your dog. Also, if you are unable to understand your beloved, the result can be unpleasant. Moreover, this kind of anxiety grows in your dog if it is too much attached to you. So, you should be careful before leaving it alone in the house.

Know The Reasons Behind Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety
Know The Reasons Behind Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety
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Symptoms Of Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

As an owner, you must be aware of your pet’s reaction whenever you are going out without it. The sudden change in its behavior will reveal the truth in front of you. The animal can throw tantrums whenever they understand that you are going out. Moreover, the dog can also be very stressed out when left alone. Some common signs that you can notice are too much whining, howling in excess, chewing your bag or slippers, and even it can try to escape.

When you are sure that your dog is facing anxiety problems, you should consult a vet on an immediate basis. Also, the dog can have serious health problems due to some infections. This can also be one of the reasons because of its anxious behavior. Another prominent sign to show its anxiety is salivating more than usual. It is a serious condition, and you should not neglect it. You should not get impatient at your dog’s behavior. There are several ways that you can follow to solve the matter.

Know The Reasons Behind Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety
Know The Reasons Behind Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Understanding Your Dog

The common reasons or situations behind such behavior of your dog can be many. It can be the loss of any member of your family or change of ownership. Often, in these cases, the dog is unable to forget the person it was attached to. Hence, it does not do the usual activities.

Moreover, their insecurity increases a lot. Changing the environment or change in daily routine can cast an adverse effect on the poor animal. It expresses its unhappiness through restless behavior. This often causes accidents within the house only. The injury due to such accidents can lead to infections on the body of your dog. To appease the cute creature, you must show extra love and care towards it. You can leave some of your daily wears in front of it. Your dog can smell those clothes and feel your presence even if you are not near it. This will make it go calm and reduce its anxiety. When you are absent from the house for an elongated period, give your pet some sorts of games or puzzles to play with to keep it engaged until you come back. When the animal is busy in playing with it, it will not be so stressed out in your absence. Also, if you are keeping any nanny or children with it, make sure that the dog is happily accepting that person to come near it. Otherwise, an unfamiliar presence can again make him restless.

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