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Learn How To Stop Puppy Biting: Some Tips

Learn How To Get A Puppy To Stop Biting

Twenty-eight tiny yet sharp teeth fill a puppy’s mouth. Human fingers and toes are their exceptional play items. They love to bite them with the small teeth. It is quite normal for teething and natural development. The experts call it ‘play biting.’ Initially, you may enjoy this, but as their teeth grow sharper and stronger, it becomes painful. But there’s nothing to worry about. You can train your pet to get out of it with some simple steps. Let’s get into deeper about how to stop puppy biting.

Bite Inhibition – How Will You Train Your Puppy

Every dog needs to learn how to bite decently. Otherwise, after a certain point in time, it will become dangerous and painful too. But if the puppies learn bite inhibition, they will realize that biting hard will create hurt.

Learn How To Stop Puppy Biting: Some Tips
Learn How To Stop Puppy Biting: Some Tips

The puppies bite each other while playing among themselves. But if any of them gets an intense bite, it will be likely that it will make the sound of getting hurt. The one who bites him becomes conscious about the hardness of the bite. Similarly, teach them by making a high-pitched sound when they bite you strong.

Sometimes, it works in a reverse manner. Puppies find it funny and bite even harder. In that case, take him up firmly put in the crate, giving some time to calm down. It usually takes one or two minutes. When it calms down, appreciate him so that it will think before doing the same next time.

To Stop Puppy Biting, Make The Rule That Biting Means Game-Over.

It may sound strange, but sometimes punishing and yelling at also denote rewarding. Every time it bites you, stop playing. This will send him a message that you are responding negatively against the bite. Gradually, it will stop biting. It might not be that easy to teach, as said. Even it becomes fearful sometimes. Be patient. Make him understood that there’s nothing good in biting.

Be careful that losing control over yourself and being rude to them only encourages them to bite more, nothing else.

To Stop Puppy Biting, Offer It A Different Object To Chew

Always keep a chew toy at hand to give it when you notice a biting behavior. If he starts nibbling your toes, give it the toy instead. The puppy will eventually understand that there’s nothing wrong with chewing the toy.

If he again keeps on nibbling, after several sessions, stop the game immediately.

Learn How To Stop Puppy Biting: Some Tips
Learn How To Stop Puppy Biting: Some Tips

Train To Stop Pouncing

If your pet pounces your feet or legs while walking, hold a high-value treat as you walk. This way, he will learn to walk gently alongside you. This tactic will also work when you teach him to walk on a leash.

Put Them In The Crate To Calm Down

Allow them to calm down by keeping them in the crate to prevent biting. But don’t be arrogant. Remain quiet so that he does not take this as a punishment. After some time, when it becomes calm, take it out.

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