Lyme Disease- Know How It Effect The Dogs


Lyme Disease is now a big concern among dog owners. The tick is responsible for spreading this disease in dogs. However, not all dogs show the symptoms of Lyme disease, and only 10 percent of them prove it. Therefore, identifying the illness is quite tricky. An infected dog will feel lameness and feel malaise. It is due to the inflammation in the dog’s joints. Also, they experience conditions such as low appetite and depression. However, major complications occur in the kidney, nervous system functioning, and even heart.

So, if you want to protect your dogs from Lyme disease, then you should first know about the illness. Our guide will be handy for all the dog lovers who care for these cute animals.

Lyme Disease- Know How It Effect The Dogs
Lyme Disease- Know How It Effect The Dogs

Lyme Disease In Dogs- Symptoms

Aforementioned that they show lameness but how long it sustains. Usually, it remains for a few days, but in the worst scenario, it lasts longer. Moreover, they will feel lameness either in one or other legs. Also, they will feel pain and warmness in the legs due to swelling.

Kidney problems can also occur that may cause dysfunction of blood filter in the kidney. It is glomerulonephritis inflammation. As a result, it leads to the failure of the organ of the dog. Vomiting, weight loss, more thirst, urination, lack of appetite, and building up of abnormal fluids are symptoms.

A few more symptoms are nervous system complications, touch sensitivity, breathing problems, stiff walk, and fever. Abnormalities in heart rate are also one of a sign of Lyme disease.

Lyme Disease – Check Out The Cause

Every dog owner should know what causes this disease in their dogs. A bacterium, spirochete, is responsible for creating it. The bacteria feed on the tick bodies. So, when a tick with this bacterium sits on your dog’s body and remains for more than 24 hours, it transmits disease. However, the maximum time is 48 hours, up to which this tick stays on the body.

Lyme Disease-  Diagnosis


Moreover, owners should know about the diagnosis procedure as well. For this, take your dog to the veterinarian and get a health check-up of dog. The vet will examine the different organs and also conduct some tests. A blood cell count, X-rays, fecal examinations, and more help in diagnosing the disease. Also, they will collect the fluids from the joints.

However, the dog may get arthritis due to this illness. The arthritic disorders and other joint disease is thus essential to identify in a dog. For this, they will take X-rays of bones to understand the abnormalities in the joints.

Lyme Disease- Know How It Effect The Dogs
Lyme Disease- Know How It Effect The Dogs


The vet will give them antibiotics, and treatment will run for weeks at least four. However, in some cases, surgery may go longer due to complication issues. To make them comfortable, the vet will prescribe anti-inflammatory medicines.

Unfortunately, symptoms will not go away with these medicines, and again dogs will feel pain. Therefore, proper treatment is necessary to reduce kidney failure complications.

Moreover, the correct lifestyle of dogs can prevent this disease. So, avoid your dogs to go much in gardens with ticks and another infected environment. Also, use an anti-tick and flea collars for your dogs.

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