Maltese Dog: My Glamorous Gentle Buddy -

Maltese Dog: My Glamorous Gentle Buddy

Ever wanted a dog who looks and acts like a puppy throughout its life? Who stays adorable all the time and small enough to fit on your lap? Who is gentle enough to be considered as a sweet little toy than an aggressive guard dog?  Well, don’t look any further, for the Maltese dog will fit the bill.

Maltese dogs are always present in dog contests and pageants. For they always compete for the most stunning and beautiful canine on the catwalk. Sometimes they always take away the crown. As their beautiful long and flowing coat enchants anyone who sees its majestic presence. In maintaining a Maltese’s glorious coat, lot of effort is needed .

Maltese are bred for the sole purpose of being a companion dog. Not a guard dog nor a working dog. So utmost care I needed in taking care of one. Also take note that the Maltese are more comfortable in staying inside the house and should never be left outside for longer periods of time (of course, that does not include the occasional walks outside).

The Dog of Ancient Civilizations

Maltese Dog: My Glamorous Gentle Buddy
Maltese Dog: My Glamorous Gentle Buddy

Since ancient times, Maltese was already a popular companion dog that they are even used as trade goods in some occasion. In reality, it is still debatable of where these glorious little dogs came from. Some accounts say that they come from a Spitz-type dog from northeastern Europe (possibly Sweden). Another source tells that they originated from a Tibetan Terrier from ancient Central Asia. It is widely accepted that since these small furry canines abundant in the small island nation of Malta a few thousand years ago, the notion stuck in the minds of people, hence the name Maltese.

During the medieval period in Britain and some parts of Europe, Aristocrats and the nobility loved the Maltese so much that even queens of England declares these dogs as of royalty and should be treated like one. Even to the point that Maltese eats better food than the common folk during that time. Having a Maltese also indicates that one is of noble birth, making it a symbol of wealth, power, and the nobility, and only the richest people can afford to have and raise this breed.

Since then, the breed has spread throughout the entire world, and unlike other dogs who through selective breeding has changed a lot.  Both physically and their intended jobs compared to their ancestors. Maltese has still retained their status as a glamorous and lovable companion until today.

Looks Can Be Deceiving – Knowing your Maltese Better

Maltese Dog: My Glamorous Gentle Buddy
Maltese Dog: My Glamorous Gentle Buddy

One can say that the Maltese are a charming breed who loves the finer things in life. Spending all day resting or sleeping and is always docile and loves to seek affection. But in reality, is, in fact, a one lively and vigorous dog who wants to play around all the time. Despite their small size, they are very agile and have a lot of stamina to keep playing throughout the day.

Throughout centuries, the Maltese are well-versed to be around people that it is easy for them to understand commands and execute tricks. They are also known to be very intelligent and obedient that they excel not just in pageants, but also in dog obedience competitions.

Keeping Them Healthy Is What They Need

Maltese Dog: My Glamorous Gentle Buddy
Maltese Dog: My Glamorous Gentle Buddy

Everybody knows how gorgeous and pure a Maltese’s coat is. And it needs a lot of work and effort brushing and bathing them regularly. It is also important to take note that Maltese’s usually have that tear stain around their eyes due to excessive tears that they produce. It is advised to clean those tear stains to avoid discoloration of their coat around the eyes.

Dog food and water is essential and should always be present at all times. It is also important to have all its vaccinations to avoid dog diseases like rabies, canine distemper, kennel cough, and intestinal worms. A regular visit to the vet is also important to check your Maltese’s health and to know if there are any possible diseases that remain dormant in your dog.


Maltese are awesome dogs to be with, especially if you are the kind of person who always looks for affection and someone to cuddle with. It is truly an enjoyable moment to spend time with your Maltese. May it be either during your playtime with him or if you just feel under the weather. Your canine companion will guarantee that he will always be there for you.

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