Matted Dog Hair: How To Deal With It

Matted Dog Hair: How To Deal With It

The owners of lovely dogs will be well aware of matted dog hair. It is a condition where the long and silky coats of a dog get tangled and matted. Both the dog and its owner might not be happy with this experience. The condition gets aggravated in times when the dogs are wet. Matted hair needs to be removed and brushed thoroughly to avoid the dogs from contacting different skin problems.

Matted Dog Hair: How To Deal With It
Matted Dog Hair: How To Deal With It

Dog Hair: Understanding The Condition

Dogs with hard and sticky coats are called matted dogs. If you run a comb through your dog’s hair or fur, you will instantly know whether your dog is experiencing matted hair or not. If the comb gets snagged while running through your dog’s hair, take it as a sign of matted dog fur. You should stop brushing your dog as soon as you find this because forced brushing might pull out hair from its skin in an improper manner. It can be excruciating, as well.

Dealing With Matted Dog Hair

Luckily, matted hair can easily be prevented in non-shedding dogs by way of regular grooming and care. Removing matted hair requires patience on the part of the owner. Some methods coming in handy for individuals looking to get mats out of their canine’s hair are as follows:

Dog Detangler Sprays Are Perfect

Before starting with the detangling procedure, you should use a good quality detangler spray. It will make the entire process of dematting and detangling more convenient and easier for you and your dog. The spray will help you in heavy detangling mats by softening your dog’s fur.

Nevertheless, if the tangles and the mats do not seem to be very serious, avoid using the spray. It would be better for you to get rid of matted fur first and then give your dog a good bath. It goes special for dogs with long and heavy coats. Bathing the dog and then trying to detangle the mats will be difficult. It is because water tightens the mats.

Even detangling shampoos can be used along with conditioners for getting rid of matted fur. These products do not offer lasting solutions but provide good temporary results.

Use Wide-Tooth Comb And Slick Brush For Detangling Soft Mats

You can either use a wide-tooth comb or a slick brush for detangling the soft mats of your dog. Alternatively, you can use both these products effectively one by one. First, use the smooth brush for loosening matted fur and then use the comb for combing out the tangles.

Matted Dog Hair: How To Deal With It
Matted Dog Hair: How To Deal With It

Detangle Hard Mats With A Dematting Rack

Dematting racks feature sharp blades. These are hand-held tools that you can easily use for getting rid of hard and severe mats. Nevertheless, make sure that you use it with caution and extreme care. The only thing that you need to do is apply the tool directly on matted fur with smaller strokes. It will loosen the mats and offer a smooth fur finish.

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