Puppy Development From First Six Months To One Year


Pets are like a new member of the family. Puppies are the most loyal companions to an individual but need a bit of time to adjust to the new environment. Moreover, it is best to bring a puppy once it completes his 2 months. Every child requires the nurture and care of the mother for proper growth. Therefore, a puppy won’t get that emotional connection from another source. You can maintain a suitable environment, but not match its mother’s love. Puppies need vaccines and medicines for their proper physique. They can thus suffer from indigestion and acidity if they consume any other foodstuff. Moreover, you should stay near it in the initial months to enhance its Development. You may also play with the puppy and feed it timely to ensure discipline. The infant age is an ideal time for learning and training.

Puppy Development From First Six Months To One Year
Puppy Development From First Six Months To One Year
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After the first six months, there are specific changes in the puppy. These are:

Physical Puppy Development After The First Six Months

After this period, the puppy turns to its adolescent stage and develops physically. The growth rate slows down or stops in many breeds. They can sense every smell, look, taste, etc. correctly. Moreover, puppy recognizes their family members and outsiders. They make sure of the safety and security of its family from outsiders. They even identify the places for bowel and bladder activities. Puppies are active and always demand attention. All their adult teeth grow by this time. Therefore, puppies still retain the tendency to chew stuff. It is advisable to neuter male dogs to avoid physical attraction and to spay female dogs to prevent pregnancy. Consult the veterinarian for the vaccines and medications. You should also stock certain general medicines for the puppies.

Behavioral Puppy Development After The First Six Months

Their energy and stamina increase at an enormous level. You will find out that a puppy learns specific ways to perform regular chores. For instance, it will lift the leg to urinate at places. Moreover, attraction towards the opposite gender is common in this period. They thus look for attention and priority from the owners. It will look for new places to gain more insight. Hence, never hurt your puppy with any sturdy thing for their mistakes. Furthermore, the puppy shows specific behaviors for its favorite food items. And so, they become a bit destructive and fun-loving. Exercise is essential in this stage for proper physical development. This enhances the strength of the core muscles.

Puppy Development From First Six Months To One Year
Puppy Development From First Six Months To One Year

Food And Nutrition Affects The Health Of Puppy

The amount of protein and fibers increase with the growing age. You can opt for puppy food in the market, or make homemade food. Moreover, consult the veterinarian for the proper puppy diet. An excess amount of fish invites pests and bugs in the fur. Sweets and much oily stuff lead to hair loss. Lentils, meat, rice, vegetables, fruits, etc. are ideal. However, protein prevents obesity in dogs. Therefore, you should follow its diet and check the weight of the puppy regularly. Overweight affects the hind limbs of puppies.

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