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Puppy Socialisation Understanding Its Principles

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On your birthday you dad brings a sweet little furball to you as a present. The dog looks sweet and quite delicate. You can’t stop looking at it, and you gave him a name, and now he’s a part of your family. Well, dogs have a great relationship with their owners. But they required a lot of training at a very young age. During their first 1 year, you need to train them as they grow fast. Having a puppy at home can make you feel a little more responsible as you are not the smallest one in the house, and there’s someone who’s too cute to be left alone. So today, we are going to talk about the principles of puppy socialization. It’s the first thing you need to start with when you are training your dog and is the most important one.

Understanding The Principles Of Puppy Socialisation
Understanding The Principles Of Puppy Socialisation

The Problem With Puppies

Let’s be honest when you first had a puppy in your home. You were scared and felt the pressure of responsibilities. Just like a human baby, a puppy requires a lot of attention and care. In addition to this, your whole lifestyle changes and requires a higher level of understanding. The main issue arises when they start walking on their own. That’s when you should start their training. But just like a human child, a puppy is filled with excitement and need extra assistance to calm down.

Things To Keep In Mind With Puppy Socialisation

To truly understand the behavior of your puppy, you must observe their body language. You need to find out the consistent patterns they show in action and how they respond when you call them. 

You need to go with your instincts to find out whether your dog is comfortable in the current situation and what can you do to make a better experience for him.

Furthermore, puppy socialization comes to common sense. Very often, we find a lot of pet owners in trouble when they are trying to fix a problem in multiple ways by adapting different techniques that they heard from other pet owners. 

On the other hand, a dog owner needs to keep things simple and straightforward. Dogs and pups prime mode of communication is body language. 

Understanding The Principles Of Puppy Socialisation
Understanding The Principles Of Puppy Socialisation

When you are trying to train your dog, shouting works negatively as it scares your dog and is pointless. Instead, use the hand gestures to guide your dog and try to be as calm as possible. 

Common Puppy Socialisation Mistakes

Also, the common mistake people do with a new pup is they make him oversocialized. Instead, you need to be taking your dog in the park and encouraging him to sit with you and play while other dogs and people go keep on walking in front of him.

As a result, he will have a better experience when going to a public spot like parks and have better control over his nerves.

At last, don’t think the overciting thing of your puppy is a cute thing as in some weeks your puppy will turn into a dog and you will be the owner everyone fears to come nearby as your dog keeps licking them.

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