Rottweiler Puppies: The Loyal Protector


Having a protector, someone or something that makes you safe means a lot. Rottweilers are guard dogs. They were bred to fend off predators and other wildlife. Their nature is to protect their owners and their loved ones. They are loyal to their owners and mostly trained to protect someone and their homes. Though their appearance may be intimidating, they are fairly comfortable with people. They won’t be as friendly as other breeds, but they aren’t that aggressive as well.

Rottweilers that are not trained aren’t as aggressive as others say. If loved Rottweilers are gentle, obedient and kind. Their nature is to be loyal, they show affection towards their owners.

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The German Origin

Rottweiler Puppies: The Loyal Protector
Rottweiler Puppies: The Loyal Protector

Rottweilers origin is from “Rott-Vile” a town in Germany. They were originally bred to protect people and cattle from wolves and other wildlife. Their other purpose is to help the men in tracking and hunting. In some countries, they served as an aid to policemen and their customs.

Physically Fit

Rottweiler Puppies: The Loyal Protector
Rottweiler Puppies: The Loyal Protector

Rottweilers, even as puppies have a robust and large body. They have broad chests, so their barks are strong and intimidating. Their physical strength can rival other large dogs. Their agile bodies are perfect for running and chasing. They are generally larger and faster than other breeds and their color schemes are usually black, brown and tan.

Rottie’s Personality

Rottweiler Puppies: The Loyal Protector
Rottweiler Puppies: The Loyal Protector

These loyal protectors are mostly guarded, especially when going out. Their nature is to protect their owners. They are tough looking and intimidating, but calm and responsible.

Most Rottweilers are brave and confident. They are defensive, especially when it comes to their territory. Being away from their owners and their homes can sadden a Rott. They are easily attached to their owners, they have a sense of duty to protect their home and the people living in it.

Fur-fectly Beautiful

Rottweiler Puppies: The Loyal Protector
Rottweiler Puppies: The Loyal Protector

Most dogs shed their fur excessively. Their fur is short and straight. Rottweilers are one of the least shedding breeds that the canine species have to offer. These dogs don’t need to be groomed and bathed every now and then, but they require to be bathed especially during the summer time.

Rottweilers that have been bathed since a puppy enjoys the water as much as other dog breeds do.

Healthy Rottie: In and Out

The Loyal Protector
Rottweiler Puppies: The Loyal Protector

As being in the category of large dogs. Rottweilers have a huge appetite, this result of their bodies becoming buffed. Their huge appetite makes them prone to obesity. Thus, they need routines of exercise, Rotts require exercise to prolong their lifespan, and maintain their health.

Rottweilers that neglect training has mostly died a little earlier than their life expectancy than those who exercise. A healthy Rottweiler can live up to more than ten years.

Guardian of the Angels

Rottweiler Puppies: The Loyal Protector
Rottweiler Puppies: The Loyal Protector

A common misconception about Rottweilers is that they are not suitable to be with children. But the truth is they are friendly to children, especially when they are trained.

Rottweilers love to be with kids, Rott owners permit their dogs to be with their kids as long as they have familiarized the child. Rottweilers become attached to children and serve as their protector. They are calm and have the initiative to sense danger.


Rottweilers are calm, brave and confident. Rotts were naturally bred protectors. They are affectionate and loyal towards their owners. Having your Rottweiler with you during a walk makes you secure and safe. They are intimidating guards, they give off a strong and serious vibe. Their grooming and hygiene needs aren’t as demanding as their furry counterparts. These dogs aren’t sickly either, their health is superb. They are robust and agile. Their physical and characteristics are absolutely splendid. Having said, Rotts are perfect for guard and protection duty. While they me be terrifying, if trained, they are friendly towards children and competent enough to guard them.

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