Silicone Pet Feeder Station For Your Teacup Yorkie


As a pet owner, you always want to give your pet the best feeding experience. This is why you always look for the good quality of feeder or feeding accessories. However, things get difficult, when you have a teacup Yorkie. It’s a bit sensitive breed and demands special care and attention. It’s just like your own baby. Hence, do provide proper attention, care, and food to it. Let’s have a look at the pet feeder station for your teacup Yorkie.

The portable silicone pet feeder station is a machine that is designed to feed your pets. This portable device has a stand which can be elevated for much more comfortable feeding.  It has two bowls inside where you can put food for your pets to eat. You can alternatively keep food and water also in those two bowls. The dishes are made of a sturdy hygienic silicon material which allows it to be cleaned easily. These double silicone bowls are fitted inside a collapsible stand. This collapsible stand allows people to have a hand-on solution for keeping their pets to eat well and also stay hydrated whenever they want.

Portable Silicone Pet Feeder For Teacup Yorkie

How To Use The Feeder

The portable silicone pet feeder station is very easy to use. It helps you keep the feeding routine for your pets well maintained. This device is simple to use and easy to carry for your pets. Even you can when traveling for work or any other places. It allows you to keep your pets healthy all the time.

The Design

The straps underneath the bowl are not slippery and prevent the legs of your pets from slipping or being shifted around while they are getting feed. You can easily detach the bowl and carry it anyplace do you can feed instantly to your pets wherever you want. This helps while you are going for a morning walk or jogging or an evening walk.


This portable silicone pet feeder station has a size of 40.30 ×19.30×12.50 cm/ 15.87×7.6×4.92inches. The package size of the product is around 41.00×20.00×3.50cm/ 16.14×7.87×1.38 inches. 

 Pro’s Of Teacup Yorkie Feeder 

The product is very nice and designed for the pets to make them follow their food diets on time. This product helps your pets to have a nice and healthy life.  

Cons Of Teacup Yorkie Feeder 

If your pets don’t want to eat their food by standing or seating at the same place, you cannot manage with this feeder.


Portable silicone pet feeder station comes with a price tag of $26 online. You can ship it all over the world once ordered. The product is surely a value for money if you love your pets very much and loves to take care of their diet for a perfectly healthy life.

So, are you looking for the perfect feeder for your baby? This product is certainly the one you need for your cute little teacup Yorkie. Give it the ideal feeding experience whenever you want to feed it.

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