Puppy Companion: Getting Him a Friend

For some people, living life alone can be lonely and frustrating. It is also the same for our dogs and puppies. Getting them a companion can greatly improve their social skills, emotional stability, and their overall well-being. Having a companion reduces the risk of sadness and depression of being alone.

Cute Puppy: A Cuddling Kind of Friend

Last week, I decided to get myself a puppy because I have just got myself a new house and I don’t have anyone to be with (aside from my spouse and baby). I choose to adopt a puppy instead of buying one directly from a pet store not because I’m broke (sort of), but because I know that I’m saving a life than just simply buying one.

Shih Tzu Puppies: Small In Size Yet Big At Heart

One of the most common toy breeds, the Shih Tzu breed is very popular. A common misconception about Shih Tzus is they are stubborn and hard to deal with, but bear in mind if loved and trained well these adorable cuties are well mannered. Shih Tzus can develop trust through socialization, making them friendly and affectionate.

Bulldog Puppies: The Loving Soldiers

Every person has a vague image in their minds if you ask them to describe a bulldog. They may think of a bulky, muscular, squatting hulk of a dog sporting a wrinkled face like a crumpled piece of paper and the temperament of the wolverine. Well, in reality, there are a couple of bulldog breeds, and probably the one you have in mind is either the American or the English bulldog. In reality, these dogs are very gentle, and more and more people choose them because of this trait. There are a lot of great things about these beautiful companions, and pretty sure you’ll going to love them.

Golden Retriever Puppy: A Start Of Our Journey Together

Acquiring a pet requires dedication and consideration. One must consider the pros and cons of having a pet. When choosing a dog breed, one of the most common is the Golden Retriever. These dogs used to help hunters. As its name implies, they helped “retrieve” shot birds and other hunts. But do not be deceived by their abilities, the truth is these dogs are sweet and gentle. They are friendly, cheerful and kind.

Rottweiler Puppies: The Loyal Protector

Having a protector, someone or something that makes you safe means a lot. Rottweilers are guard dogs. They were bred to fend off predators and other wildlife. Their nature is to protect their owners and their loved ones. They are loyal to their owners and mostly trained to protect someone and their homes. Though their appearance may be intimidating, they are fairly comfortable with people. They won’t be as friendly as other breeds, but they aren’t that aggressive as well.

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