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Know The Reasons Behind Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

A close up of a dog

As an owner, you must be aware of your pet’s reaction whenever you are going out without it.

Everything You Need To Know About Old English Bulldog

Everything You Need To Know About Old English Bulldog

Old English bulldogs wear their hearts on their doggy sleeve. If you tell your Olde English off, expect to be rewarded with a hurtful look on your dog’s face he would be sad.

Puppy Potty Train: Hygienic Way of Dog Discipline

“The best time to train a dog is during its puppy stage where they are more open to learning new things. Giving them training at an early age instills the value of training and obedience to dogs.”

Dementia in Senior Dogs: Understanding Sudden Behavioral Changes

“Time and old age are inevitable. Eventually, all life becomes old and prone to sickness. Dogs are no exception to this.”

Night Barking: Finding Reasons for Nighttime Whining

“Barking is good, but barking excessively gives more issues than help, so it is best to know what things to do in order for them to tone down their barking to a minimum.”

Dog Cloning: One Thing You Shouldn’t Do For Your Dog

“At the end of the day, it is still up to the owner if he or she would like to do the cloning to her beloved pooch.”

Basic Dog Training Commands: Learning The Simple Ways

A well-trained dog is important to discipline its unnecessary behavior. Making them behave, and the dedication to train one is no easy task. Training a dog is like education for a normal human child.

Dog Seizures: Digging Deeper Into Your Dog’s Health

Dogs experience seizures just like us humans, owners should know what to do before, during and after a seizure.

Dog Teeth Chattering: Reasons Behind The Sound They Make

It is a common action that most dogs do, but if they do this out of no clear reason, it can be a serious issue that needs to be addressed right away

Exercise For Puppy: Where Behaved Dogs Start

There are a lot of positive effects of exercising dogs and puppies. Exercising instills discipline and obedience to puppies. It also greatly improves their health, immune system and growth

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