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Puppy Yoga: A Team Up Meditation

“Puppy yoga sessions also act as an ongoing fundraising activity for those who want to support local shelters of their cause to spread awareness of dog and puppy adoption.”

Canine Obesity: Kind Way of Killing Pets

“Dogs who are obese risk their health and well-being. It is the responsibility of the owner to train and discipline their dogs to reduce the risk of obesity.”

Basic Dog Training Commands: Learning The Simple Ways

A well-trained dog is important to discipline its unnecessary behavior. Making them behave, and the dedication to train one is no easy task. Training a dog is like education for a normal human child.

Exercise For Puppy: Where Behaved Dogs Start

There are a lot of positive effects of exercising dogs and puppies. Exercising instills discipline and obedience to puppies. It also greatly improves their health, immune system and growth

Boston Terrier Puppies: Meet The American Gentleman

Boston terrier puppies, known for their tuxedo-like markings, thus earning them the name American Gentleman. They are adaptable, friendly, easy to groom and to train. Boston terriers, originally bred to be pit fighters in England. Their robust and muscular build made them excel in pit fighting and contests. However, an American named Robert C. Hooper bred a cross of bulldog and English Terrier which resulted to a terrier named “judge”. Bred with a smaller white female. Judge became the father of the first Boston Terriers made into existence and the rest is history.

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