Cute Puppy: A Cuddling Kind of Friend

Last week, I decided to get myself a puppy because I have just got myself a new house and I don’t have anyone to be with (aside from my spouse and baby). I choose to adopt a puppy instead of buying one directly from a pet store not because I’m broke (sort of), but because I know that I’m saving a life than just simply buying one.

Golden Retriever Puppy: A Start Of Our Journey Together

Acquiring a pet requires dedication and consideration. One must consider the pros and cons of having a pet. When choosing a dog breed, one of the most common is the Golden Retriever. These dogs used to help hunters. As its name implies, they helped “retrieve” shot birds and other hunts. But do not be deceived by their abilities, the truth is these dogs are sweet and gentle. They are friendly, cheerful and kind.

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