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Puppy Socialisation Understanding Its Principles

Potty Training Dogs With Dog Litter Box

Today, we are going to talk about the principles of puppy socialization. It’s the first thing you need to start with when you are training your dog.

Know About Puppy Training & Dog Accessories

Know About Puppy Training & Dog Accessories

You will train your puppy as soon as you bring it to your house. Puppies are quick learners & they start learning from the day they are born. Some of the breeds begin handling & getting familiarized just in quick time. Training may also start soon when the puppies open its eyes & start walking. Young puppies have a short period of concentration. But you expect them to start following the direct commands such as “sit down ” & “stop “. These commands are given to a puppy that is seven to eight weeks older.

Puppy Potty Train: Hygienic Way of Dog Discipline

“The best time to train a dog is during its puppy stage where they are more open to learning new things. Giving them training at an early age instills the value of training and obedience to dogs.”

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