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Havanese Puppies: The Velcro Dog

Being the national dog breed of Cuba, the Havanese dog is one of the most famous lap dogs. A companion dog among dog enthusiasts and dog lovers. It enchants them with its silky, flowing coat, diminutive size, and affectionate gaze. Havanese is among the small breeds and is considered one of the cutest dogs around. Just like other companion dogs like the Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier.

Pomeranians: The Lovely Dwarf-Spitz

From the glamorous and bright limelight of dog pageants to the laps of avid dog lovers worldwide. Pomeranians never fail to amuse us with its petite beauty and big personality.

The Travelling Puppy: To Travel or Not?

Traveling with pets may be fun, but there is a lot to consider when one travels with their pet. Adventures are definitely going to help strengthen the bond with your puppy. One should be prepared for traveling, it also depends on where the destination is. If the destination is to go to the vet, that is easy and doable. But if the destination is far, you may have to consider making preparations before traveling. Preparation makes the trip easier and less prone to unnecessary events.

Corgi Puppies: The English Royalties

Behold, our majesty. Corgis – the favorite breed of the royalties. These little fellows have the royal seal of approval from the British Royal Family. They are big dogs with small legs, they are athletic, robust and agile. Corgis are a highly intelligent breed. Before they were utilized as herding dogs where they help in rounding up sheep and cattle.

Small Dog Breeds: 4 Reasons You Should Choose Them

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Small Dog Breeds

Overwhelming but take into consideration different aspects before deciding. This will be one of those memories that you will never forget.

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