The Travelling Puppy: To Travel or Not?


Traveling with pets may be fun, but there is a lot to consider when one travels with their pet. Adventures are definitely going to help strengthen the bond with your puppy. One should be prepared for traveling, it also depends on where the destination is. If the destination is to go to the vet, that is easy and doable. But if the destination is far, you may have to consider making preparations before traveling. Preparation makes the trip easier and less prone to unnecessary events.

Before traveling one must take into account that something unexpected may happen during the trip. That is why being ready and gaining knowledge on how to travel with your puppy is a must.

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Here are some tips to read before traveling with your puppy.

Factors To Consider Before Travelling

The Travelling Puppy: To Travel or Not?
The Travelling Puppy: To Travel or Not?

The first thing to consider before traveling is the destination, short rides, and veterinarian trips are easy to make. Make sure your puppy does not get startled by instantly making the trip. First, make them comfortable with riding. Consider what you will be riding on, whether it be a car or a plane ride. Before and during the trip always check the situation of your puppy, any little thing may affect his status. Pets require training before traveling. Some puppies get anxious when traveling, especially when it is their first time.

Things To Prepare

The basic things to bring are collars and leashes. If you are planning for a long trip, crates are a big help,  make sure to secure all your papers, including your puppy’s. Make sure their vaccination records are with you. Double check your reservations and try to reassure if you are staying in a hotel, that they allow puppies and pets. Call the vehicles that you are going to ride before the ride. Make sure to inform that you are with your pet.

Visiting Mr. Vet

The Travelling Puppy: To Travel or Not?
The Travelling Puppy: To Travel or Not?

Trips to the vet may be troublesome for some pets, especially puppies. They are not comfortable with others just yet, most puppies are terrified with strangers. But once they get comfortable, going to the vet is a fun trip for them. Just take into consideration into sticking to one vet so the puppy can establish connection and trust. Creating a bond between them can greatly improve their mood and make them enjoy going to the vet.

What To Do During Travel Time

Before traveling, double check all the things that you have to bring, especially if the trip is going to be long. Do not feed and give water for they might vomit during the trip. Expect the unexpected during travel time, check your pup’s condition from time to time. Focus on their behavior during the trip and make sure to stay close to them, so they feel safe and comfortable. By keeping them comfy the trip is more prone to be a success.

After traveling make sure your puppy is okay and well, check on their condition and do not feed them right after the travel. First, give some water and when their energy is back that is the time to feed them.

The Travelling Puppy: To Travel or Not?
The Travelling Puppy: To Travel or Not?


Before deciding whether to travel with your pet or not. Always consider the capability of your puppy and amount of travel that you will go through. If the destination is near and common it is okay to be relaxed about the trip. But even to some puppies and pets, short destinations like going to the vet can make them anxious. If the travel is going to last long and far, being prepared is a must. There is a lot that might happen during a long trip. Expecting and preparing for the unexpected may reduce hassle for you, your pet and to others.

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