Theories Of Motivation- A Bribe To Perform Well

Knowing About Theories Of Motivation

As the greatest writer of all ages, William Shakespeare said, the life of a human being is a stage. Life – the ultimate stage of life, later pays us off depending on how we have performed in our entire lifetime. But behind every little effort, we do to make our life fruitful, the right amount of motivation is essential. With the correct kind of motivation, a person can do wonders. Theories of motivation and concentration had been the reasons why humans could put their feet on the moon.

What we have been discussing all this while was how motivation helped people to sail through every situation. But with meticulous and methodical studies, diplomats and psychologist all over the world articulated the theories of motivation.

Even though these theories are often not easily understandable by common man, but these form a basis of higher studies. Theories of motivation in simpler words can be called ways a human being loves what he does. Motivation helps a person in being more keen on taking more challenges. Motivation lets a person face every hurdle with a smile on his face.

Theories Of Motivation- A Bribe To Perform Well

Creation of newer technologies requires constant motivation.

Categories And Types

Unknown to many of us, like many other aspects in life, principles or theories of motivation too, has types and categories. The psychologists have vividly, through their working, have described these types. Through instances, they have explained well.

Firstly, the most basic type is positive and negative motivation. From the terminologies, we can easily know what each of these definitions means. For instance, when a person wants to achieve something in life or score better in their exam,  he needs motivation. This kind of motivation is called positive motivation, as it allows a person to do better in life. On the contrary, influencing a person to keep himself away from all sorts of wrong deeds fall under negative motivation.

The second type of category is internal and external motivation. This category is interlinked with one another. In internal motivation, a person motivates or continuously influences himself to do better. In external motivation, yoga, meditation, the person in bringing his focus at a particular point. This type of motivation helps in achieving greater goals in his life.

In addition, external, internal and positive and negative are not the only types of motivation. There are other categories too. Yet another essential type is primary and learning motivation. Basic motivations include the commodities and feelings that we can’t ignore. This theory includes hunger, thirst, etc. On the other hand, learned motivation is the motivation that influences a person to achieve his or her dream, etc.

Theories Of Motivation- A Bribe To Perform Well

Why The Need

Needless to say, theories are the general study that the experts have made. More than theories, their application and examples are the things that we understand more.

Finally, many experts, namely Maslow and Alderfer, had written down about these theories and motivation. Moreover, these theories are the foundation of studies. In addition, students and other people study these theories and are models of studies.

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