Top 6 Most Aggressive Small Dogs Breeds

Top 6 Most Aggressive Small Dogs Breeds

Who don’t love dogs? Well, there are some who don’t, but they don’t have a clue why dogs are favorite. Dogs are friendly, loyal (than human), and adorable. Small dogs are cute, but there some small dogs creatures that turn furious while getting angry. To help you identify the most aggressive small dog breeds, I have created this post.

Top 6 Most Aggressive Small Dogs Breeds
Top 6 Most Aggressive Small Dogs Breeds


Some researches held in the behavior of small dog breeds, scientists found that the Dachshunds are the most violent ones. Dachshunds don’t like strangers at all and also don’t like to deal with kids. They bite and that’s the main personality trait. If you don’t want an aggressive Dachshund, you can let them exercise and by that way, they can perform on their tiny legs.


Beagle may look cute and adorable, but they have an annoying personality trait. They can be uncontrollable during your training sessions. They are rather emotional than practical, and they can be unsuitable for your training sessions. Even, Beagles can start to bite if they don’t like you and you have to be very careful while training a Beagle because there is a chance they would become unresponsive to you.

3-Bull Terrier

As the name suggests, the Bull Terrier dogs are somewhat like the pit bulls. They do very well in sports ratting games, and that is what makes them awesome. However, at times, they become violent, and that can make you annoyed. This happens because violence is in their genes.

4-Cocker Spaniels

Cocker Spaniels are social animals, they love communicating with their masters and sometimes strangers as well. But they are very sensitive breed and sometimes become anxious too. They love to win games and take lessons seriously but they tend to be very angry at times. They can even attack you when becoming angry and there is no medication for this syndrome. Hence, if you are going to adopt a Cocker Spaniels, get ready for what is coming next.

5-Jack Russell Terrier

Many families prefer Jack Russell Terrier as their house pet because they help you with household chores. They are powerful and are very social but can be unsafe too if they grow over 20lbs. The bad thing about them is that they can be very bad tempered and their little jaws look cute. You will misunderstand them when they are mad, you will think they are just trying to be cute when they are not. When you put them in a battle, they will never back up no matter how challenging the game is.


You have to be very careful while training them because they are not easy. Research on how to get things straight with your puppy otherwise you will start doubting on your leadership quality.

Top 6 Most Aggressive Small Dogs Breeds
Top 6 Most Aggressive Small Dogs Breeds

Tell us which one among these dog breeds you think absolutely not suitable for your home? If you have adopted any of these creatures, kindly tell us briefly about their nature. Apart from that, if you need any helpful tips, you are free to check out our other posts.

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