What If Humans Are Bit More Like The Dogs They Love


Humans are one of the amazing creatures of God. They are not like others. From the starting of the human civilization to date, human has evolved themselves differently. They have transformed their living as well as personality in various manners. In every segment, they have remarkable achievements. From inventing mathematics to multiple languages, they have discovered different life-supporting things like electricity and others.They have developed technologies, and various medicines are developed for curing diseases is one of the life-saving achievements. From flying to reducing travel distance by trains and other means, they have shown their presence in every aspect of life. For their entertainment and they’ve created beautiful works of art through paintings, music, photos, film, architecture, and books. What If Humans Are Bit More Like The Dogs They Love.

What If Humans Are Bit More Like The Dogs They Love
What If Humans Are Bit More Like The Dogs They Love

Reaching to the moon and developing space station in the outer earth atmosphere, that, in and of itself, is incredible. From discovering how to split the atom, the very core of existence is beyond imagination.

Cause of Inhumanity , Be Like The Dogs They Love

With the technological advancements and growing environment, human miss many things and one of the critical thing they struggle with humanity. The technological progress leads to the development of destructive weapons and leads to war among them. They become cruel to each other and hateful. Human envy their races and become selfish, malicious, and allow the inhumanity. They are trying to rule over one another; this makes most of us sad.

Friendship And Cruelty

Cruelty should not be a part of the human race. The famous Johnny Rich writes.
What would it be like, I wondered if humans were a bit more like the dogs they love? To love unconditionally and with no judgment.
Dogs and humans love each other. The dog is one of the best friends of humans, but still, we don’t learn from a dog. They are loyal and obedient, even when human beat their pet, they never retaliate. They never envy their owners. Imagine humans follow the same, and if they were to understand the depths of life without inhumanity truly.

Always be kind to others, do good deeds, and be in touch. Understand the problems of each other, help them when needed, will increase humanity, and eliminate violence.

What If Humans Are Bit More Like The Dogs They Love
What If Humans Are Bit More Like The Dogs They Love

Avoid Inhumanity and Violence

The cruelty and violence will always lead to the destruction of the human race. We kill our own brothers and sisters. In war, a human takes human lives in order to make peace. This is cruelty and against nature. We destroy our earth; this is just because of the loss of feelings of humanity.
We should learn from dogs, loyalty, and friendship so that we can spread the same in this beautiful world. Dogs teach us a lot. As a human, we have to follow humanity, spread love, among others. This is a beautiful life given by God for living peacefully and beautifully. Like our pets love our entire family, we also have to love our whole human race.

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