What To Expect When You Bring A Puppy Home

What to Expect When you Bring a Puppy Home

Bring a puppy home if you want a cute and adorable friend that stays all the time with you. Cuddle with your furry friend, play, sleep, and love him. As you grow, your puppy will grow, too, and you can go on long hikes with your forever pal. If you already have one at home, then you are lucky. However, parenting a puppy is not easy. So, anyone who has decided to bring a puppy home should know about puppy training. Don’t worry as we have everything that you should know about to bring a puppy home.

We will guide you about choosing the right one and making your puppy-proof.

What to Expect When you Bring a Puppy Home
What To Expect When You Bring A Puppy Home

Choose The Right One And Bring A Puppy Home

Luckily, if you are about to get one, then here are some critical decisions to make. First, check whether your home has enough space for him or not. For instance, your home is small, then avoid keeping a pet as pups hate couch potato living. Second, is there any kid at home, and if yes, then buy breeds that are kids friendly.

Mixed breed dogs need love, and thus, they are great pets. Also, they have fewer health issues and affordable than other pups. So, those looking for an affordable option can adopt a pet instead of buying.

Don’t Forget Puppy-Proofing Before You Bring A Puppy Home

What to Expect When you Bring a Puppy Home
What to Expect When you Bring a Puppy Home

Furthermore, these adorable animals are curious, like a small baby. Therefore, be careful before you get them and keep everything in order.

Items To Avoid

Keep everything away from them that they can chew, such as toys of your kids, shoes, and all small Things.

Clean off

Also, move all the fragile items to a safer place so that pets don’t break them.

Electrical Items

These cute pets are notorious too. Therefore, wrap the furniture legs with plastic sheets. Also, use the same to protect the electrical cords and wires. On the other hand, it will safeguard your pets from accidental electrical shock.

Pet Barriers

Similar to babies, controlling pups is challenging. Therefore, use baby gates and control the movement of these notorious pets. Put fences and baby gates all along with the open areas from where they can escape quickly otherwise.

No Toxic Items

Moreover, you should take care of anything toxic. It can include medicines, chemicals, plants, fertilizers, and other household cleaners. Store them at a safer place.

Bring A Puppy Home And Expect These Things

Congratulations on your new pet. Since you have them forever, therefore, excitement would be more. Also, you might be expecting a lot from them. However, everything is new for them, and they are around strangers. Therefore, go slow and be gentle with them. Treat them like a kid and teach your kids as well about puppy treatment.

Tell them not to hurt the pets or show aggressive acts. Also, you should never leave kids and pets together at home, especially if they are new members. Let them explore your house and other members of the household. Slowly they will learn about everyone and get familiar with them.

Once they become friends, you can take your puppy on holidays, play with them or go on a walk with them daily. So, enjoy puppy parenting.

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