Why a Goldendoodle is the Best Pet For You

Goldendoodle, which is a crossbreed between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever, is considered to be one of the newest mixed breeds of poodles after the Labradoodle and the Cockapoo. They are said to be excellent family companions which makes them a good pet dog.

Goldendoodles Are Super Friendly!

Why a Goldendoodle is the Best Pet For YouBeing a mixture of two domesticated breeds of dogs, they are usually very friendly and are highly affectionate. Because of their gentleness, they get along well with kids and also with other dogs. Like other dogs, they need socialization — walking them around the neighborhood would help. They are very playful, especially the puppies, and need daily exercise. They are highly obedient, and they can easily be trained to learn tricks. However, it’s best to train them at a young age.

Goldendoodle Size

They usually come of different sizes: small, medium and large, and different colors: black, copper, white, golden, etc. To maintain the hair of your dog, brush their hair about once a week. They don’t require a regular bath, only when necessary to preserve their skin’s moisture. Their teeth should be brushed every other day or twice a week to prevent dental problems, and their nails can be trimmed at least once a month.

Goldendoodle Qualities

Goldendoodles are not watchdogs. Sometimes, they don’t bark even when someone enters the house. They are more suitable for living in a wide space with backyards for them to exercise and play, rather than a restricted-spaced apartment. Goldendoodles can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for long periods. It is best to keep them near the family.

This breed, being part Golden Retriever, is very patient and very gentle. It goes along with all ages: from kids to adults. Even if sheltered with other dogs of different breeds, the Goldendoodles show no aggression towards other dogs or even other animals. However, this will still depend if the dog was trained and cared for properly during their puppyhood years until adulthood. Trauma to animals of any kind may lead to a change in its behavior.

So, Ready To Have One?

Before owning any dogs, it is always best to do further research on how to train, groom and care for them first.

Adoption should also be put into consideration. There are rescue groups that house doodles for adoption including Doodle Rescue and Rehomes Board, Doods Needing Homes and Poo-mix Rescue. There are many dogs, including Goldendoodles, that are in need of adoption and fostering, and it’s never too late to give them a family.

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