Yorkshire Terriers: The Spotlight Buddy


Yorkie or Yorkshire terriers are one of the most popular breeds of dog that is always the first pick for a companion dog. They are peppy, high-spirited little buddies which a total opposite of its looks and diminutive stature. Totally included in the world’s top ten most popular breeds. No wonder why most people will always think of Yorkies when you ask them about toy breed. (Aside from Chihuahuas, Chihuahuas are awesome too).

Learning Their History

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Yorkshire Terriers: The Spotlight Buddy
Yorkshire Terriers: The Spotlight Buddy

As their names suggest, Yorkshire terriers were named after a place, that is Yorkshire in England. Where they are bred to work on farms, granaries and cotton mills to catch rodents and rats back in the 1800s.  Originally they were from Scotland, soon, weavers and cotton farmers brought the breed to England after they emigrated there. And from then on, people appreciated their work and thus became a lovable breed, revered for their rodent-catching abilities.

In the mid 19th century, a bench show showcased a Yorkshire terrier. Known that time as a broken-haired Scotch terrier. And one particular dog, named Huddersfield Ben, became a famous show dog. Most people consider him the very first modern Yorkie. Nowadays, we know them more as a show dog. Admired for their beauty rather than their original job as a working dog.

Everything They Are

Yorkshire Terriers: The Spotlight Buddy
Yorkshire Terriers: The Spotlight Buddy

Yorkshire terriers are a small type of breed, usually ranging from 5 to 10 inches in height, and generally weighs around 6 to 10 pounds.  

One eye-catching characteristic of the Yorkshire terrier is its long, flowing, silky straight coat. Usually, their faces are covered with their long hair that is why we see them sporting a top knot or two bows. Yorkie’s color is usually of glossy dark steel-blue, shiny black, muted gold and of deep tan with either a light or dark brown coloration for their faces down to their chest. Pups are born either with a black or tan hue, and the adults vary from either different hues of dark blue or tan.  There are also instances that Yorkies may have silver or gray coat all over its body.

Yorkie Moods

Yorkshire Terriers: The Spotlight Buddy
Yorkshire Terriers: The Spotlight Buddy

Yorkies are easy to train due to their high intelligence. They are very loyal to their owners and always seek their attention by playing around and sometimes bothering their masters. One key characteristic of these tiny dogs is their agility, which makes them go around and play for hours.

In contrast to their size, they have a  brave attitude, sometimes making them very overprotective of their owners and are not afraid to face even larger dogs. They are also notoriously stubborn at times (which makes them more adorable) due to their sometimes mischievous demeanor. Disciplining these tiny fluffballs is mostly easy because they usually adore all the attention their owners give to them.

What They Need

Yorkshire Terriers: The Spotlight Buddy
Yorkshire Terriers: The Spotlight Buddy

These pooches need a lot of maintenance and care, especially when it comes to their coat. Constant and regular brushing of their long coats will make sure that they are tangle-free and shiny at all times. It is also important to tie the hair along their face, usually in a top-knot, so that their vision will not be obstructed.

High-quality dog food is also advised to keep them healthy and to always have that glossy sheen on their coats. Plenty of water should always be present at all times to avoid dehydration. This is very important, especially to puppies.

It is also important to have all of your pup’s vaccinations to avoid serious diseases in the future, and it is advisable to have it at an early age.

It is a common knowledge that sometimes, the smaller the dog is, the more the health problems present. Yorkies are prone to health issues such as cataracts, hair loss, dental issues, and hypothyroidism. If some of these issues persist, it is advisable to seek veterinary attention as soon as possible


Yorkies are a great companion that will stay with you no matter what for a long time. They may be stubborn at times, but it can be avoided if they are properly trained from a young age.  If all requirements are met, especially about their health, grooming, and proper training, you will have the most wonderful, playful, and loyal dog around.

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  1. Joe Santarosa says

    We have four Yorkies, two of them are brothers. They are adorable, however whenever we go for a walk, they always fight and we must keep them well separated. This does not make the walk really enjoyable. The other two are mum and dad. If we combine any pup with mum and dad, it is always trouble free. Any ideas how can we go about this issue please?

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